Thursday 17 June 2010

Anyone realise that Big Brother is on?

No I didn't think so.

The final series started last week. I haven't watched any of it, or heard anyone talk about it. Just shows how completely irrelevant the programme has become, particularly when you have more real life drama and stories playing out in the World Cup.

It's had its time and there's no reason for it to carry on anymore.

It's funny to think that it started off as quite an interesting idea of a social experiment of seeing how different people react and interact in house with complete strangers.

The thing is, after a few series this idea soon went out of fashion. After a really dull series back in 2003, the producers decided to make things more exciting by putting in more extreme characters.

The sorts people looking for a quick 15 minute shot of fame. This worked well up to a point, but after a couple of years of this there was nothing new to see. The same old characters doing the same old things.

For the first time since it started, I really can't be bothered with it.

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