Tuesday 1 March 2011

Carling Cup Final: Arsenal 1 Birmingham 2

Finally Birmingham City have won a trophy!

Birmingham's shock 2-1 defeat of Arsenal in Sunday’s Carling Cup Final, provided me with probably the greatest moment I’ve had as a Blues supporter.

This was meant to be the ‘Beauty and The Beast’ Cup Final. Arsenal’s artistry and grace against Birmingham’s dull, hardworking endeavour.

Nobody gave us a chance of victory. It was assumed that Arsenal would comfortably win, and claim this season's first piece of Silverware.

I didn’t turn out like that. Birmingham produced a performance that all Birmingham fans will remember for the rest of their lives.

See The Cup Final in pictures.

As soon as I realised Obafemi Martins had an empty net in which to score the winning goal, I knew that this was finally our moment.

All the years of failure and disappointment that every Blues fan has experienced was immediately forgotten. You can argue that we got lucky following the mix up between Koscielny and Szczesny, but we deserved to win.

When I look back on the game there wasn't a single Blues player who didn't contribute or who's performance wasn't at least a 7 out of 10.

Apart from the obvious victory one thing that's made me really proud is the comments and reports from the media. They recognised what a superb achievement this was for Birmingham City.

BBC Sport's Phil Mcnulty wrote:

this was no "park the bus and hope for the best" win. It mixed discipline, determination and positive intent in equal measure.

The Guardian said:

'There was a boldness to Birmingham, who understood that a cup final is not to be wasted by cowering in the hope that luck comes your way.'

In the Mail

'It was the finest final we have seen at the new Wembley because of Birmingham’s defiance and determination'

And finally, I loved Dan Jones comment in the London Evening Standard:

'Birmingham beat Arsenal with organisation and opportunism, rather than intimidation and strangulation. It was impossible to look at their jubilant fans and not feel that they did not deserve their win'

We know many of the 'Big clubs' don't see the Carling Cup has a serious trophy, although it was ironic how important it suddenly became for Arsenal after so many years of not winning anything.

For the majority of football fans, the best they can hope for is seeing their club win the FA Cup of League Cup, and this shouldn't be sniffed at.

Birmingham's win on Sunday has provided me with one of greatest moments as a football supporter.

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