Monday 14 May 2012

Man City win Premier League: Who was writing the script?

What an incredible end to the Premier League season yesterday.

After overturning the eight point advantage Man Utd had over them, you thought the hard work had been done by City. Surely beating a QPR side with the worst away record in the Premier League would be the easy bit.

As the minutes ticked down and QPR still 2-1 up, I kept shaking my head saying 'this is unbelievable' How can City possibly lose the title now.

But this is what makes football so fascinating, as you realised that it didn't matter that City have the best squad of players in the League and were unbeaten at home all season - this is a club with failure written into its very DNA!

As the game entered injury time, I wondered if there could be a more humiliating way to lose the title?

There are moments in football where you realise this is your moment. For City those two goals in the injury time was the moment they were no longer a laughing stock, a team constantly having to live in shadow of Man Utd. Their time had finally arrived.

Despite all the millions spent by the club, I'm glad City won the title. They were the best team this season and it's good for the game in England to have a different team winning the Premier League for the first time.

My feelings may change in a few years, if Man City go on to dominate English football - which is a distinct possibility as nobody can really compete with them financially.

Well done City, I'm pleased for the club and their fans. It was also a great day for the Premier League as well. There's a lot of hype that surrounds Premier League football, but yesterday showed why the Premier League is the most exciting league in the world.

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