Thursday 7 February 2013

Gay Marriage: A country at ease with the idea?

After this week's Commons vote on Gay marriage, my immediate thought was on just how comfortable the country now seems with the idea of gay marriage.

Ok, there was the predictable no vote from a number of Conservative MPs, but I don't get the feeling that many people around the country are outraged about Gay couples being able to marry.

Lets be honest, Gay marriage isn't an issue that's going to have any great significance on the outcome of the next general election.

It's an important victory for David Cameron in terms of re-branding the image of the Conservative Party, although I'm not sure how successful that will be when you look at the number of Conservatives who voted against the Bill.

Personally Gay marriage isn't a subject of great significance to me. I admit that if you asked me 10 or 15 years ago, whether Gay couples could be married. I would have thought: 'don't be silly marriage is for straight people'

Now I just think why shouldn't they be able to marry? What difference does it make? I don't see it being detrimental to society, I just feel we've moved on and it's no longer an issue for a lot of people.

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