Monday 30 December 2013

Breaking Bad: Do believe the hype

During the Christmas break I've been watching the last 8 episodes of Breaking Bad.

Yes I'm yet another person who's caught the Break Bad bug.

I love my US drama series but having never seen an episode of the show, I was beginning to get fed up with being a cultural pariah. Perhaps I was suffering from FOMO (Fear of missing out) but the story intrigued me.

A chemistry teacher who after discovering he's got cancer, decides to enter the drugs trade by making Chrystal meth with the aim of supporting his family.

I thought this sounds interesting.

I bought series 1 - 3 box set with the intention of getting up to speed on the series as soon as possible. I have to say it certainly lived up to the hype.

It's the first series I've watched where the main character of Walter White starts off as the good guy but by the end of the series you end up hating him as he turns into the bad guy.

I admit there were some scenes in the series that were difficult to watch. Walter's actions are so bad you're left thinking: how can I empathize or support this character when he's becoming so evil.

But that's the point of the show. It's about watching that transformation in the character, so that by series 5 Walter White the drug 'kingpin' is barely recognisable from the down trodden underachieving chemistry teacher we meet in series 1.

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