Saturday 3 January 2015

Happy New Year: Hello 2015

Hello and Happy New Year.

Welcome to my blog if you're a first time visitor and hello again to anyone who's been here before.

This is now my 6th year as a blogger after I started back in 2009. My blog began as a way of improving my writing skills as I undertook my postgraduate training in journalism.

I remember it took me ages to decide what the topic of my blog should be before I eventually decided it should be a topical news blog where I provided my own comments and opinions on topical news stories of interest to me.

It's been a great journey, blogging has taught me a number of writing and digital media skills which have ultimately led to my career change this year. I've now became a full time professional writer.

Last year I began my new career as a Content marketing executive working for an IT and business consultancy in the City. The consultancy works with investment banks and I now spend my working days writing about the investment banking industry. I wouldn't have this job if it wasn't for my blog.

As the years have gone by I admit that I don't post as often as I used to, blogging is a big commitment. Finding the time and energy to write can be challenging but I like to remind myself that writing is part of who I am.

I now use twitter a lot more as a way of updating my bog with new content and remaining relevant. In saying this, my blog is still a place where I can express myself and publish my thoughts when there's something in the news that grabs my attention.

Looking towards 2015 I can see the biggest story on my blog this year being the General Election. It's going to be the most fascinating General Election of my lifetime.

All the indicators predict we're heading for a hung parliament again and another coalition - the question will be which parties will end up forming a government. It's also going to be fascinating seeing what impact and influence the likes of UKIP, the SNP and the Green Party will have on the election.

I'm going to be very busy tweeting and blogging in April and May. I hope you're around to hear my thoughts.

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