Monday 25 April 2016

Goodbye Prince

The death of Prince is another legendary figure that we've lost in the world of music this year. What is it about 2016?

I love Prince. He's another artist whose music defined my childhood. His records says a lot about what I'm all about in terms of my own music taste.

When I was growing up, what I loved about Prince was that he was a proper pop star. He wasn't like ordinary people.

There was the glamour, the otherness and of course the music. I loved 1999 which was the first Prince record I remember. I loved the video and the lyrics that spoke about partying like it was 1999. As a 7 year old I imaged we'd be flying in space ships by the time 1999 came round.

As I grew up through the 80s and 90s what I admired most about Prince was that he could do everything. He could play rock, pop, soul, funk and jazz, he could do it all. His versatility was amazing.

Like David Bowie I think I like artists that can tread that fine line between commercial success and artistic integrity. People that are hugely talented but always looking to push the boundaries in terms of their art.

From the reports it sounds like there are hundreds of tracks recorded by Prince that were left in the vaults and never released. Prince may be gone but his music remains and I'm looking forward to hearing his old 'new' material.

A friend on Facebook posted this video which highlights what an incredible guitarist Prince was.