Thursday 25 June 2009

Michael Jackson is dead!

According to reports Michael Jackson died earlier today at the age of just 50 from a cardiac arrest. One of my best friends called me up this evening, at what I thought was the unusual time of 11:20. I didn't answer but he left a message saying:

'I told you there wouldn't be a happy ending'

I was already aware that Jackson had been rushed to hospital, so I knew immediately what he meant. For years he'd been telling me that the Michael Jackson story would eventually end in tradegy. It seems he was right along.

Straight away I rushed downstairs to my living room to watch Sky News and the BBC News channel who were reporting his alleged death.

If this is true, and at the time of writing it does appear that he has died. I just have this really strange feeling of both complete and utter shock, but also one of not being that suprised that's it's all ended this way. I know this is a contradiction, but that's exactly how it feels!

At the moment I can't think of a bigger musical or cultural icon that has died in my life time! This whole story is huge. I can't believe it!

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