Thursday 7 January 2010

Facebook and Twitter - A violation of your privacy?

I came across this article yesterday in the Evening Standard entitled Facebook and twitter users invite violation of their privacy. Scientists are now claiming that people are 'undermining' their own privacy rights when they use such social networking sites to reveal every little detail of the private lives.

When I read this, it didn't come as a real surprise. It seems there are loads of people who no longer know how to separate their public and private lives.

I've touched upon this subject in previous posts, I think there's a growing number of people who seem to believe that by sharing and telling the world every little detail about themselves it somehow validates them as people. What I mean by this, is that they feel it gives their lives more meaning or value by constantly sharing everything!

It's like on Facebook when you get people who have thousands of photos of themselves out and about socialising with mates. There's nothing wrong with having a good selection of photos representing who you are and your lifestyle, but sometimes I think some photos have only been uploaded to show the rest of us what a crazy and exciting life these people lead!

People don't need to prove this too me, which is what it sometimes feels like.

I'm not anti Facebook or twitter, I'm on both of them. I just think it's important to get the right balance between sharing your thoughts and life with the people that matter, but retaining some sense of a private life.

Anyone out there with any thoughts on this, let me know.

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  1. I know what you mean...i.e. people uploading 200 photos of a single night out at Snobs (being a Brummie you should know ;-)) which are all virtually the same, looking mashed, sweaty, a grin here and a grin there, pull a face and so on. "Look everybody! I too can have a good time!!!See? I'm cool too, look at the photos!"

    Nothing wrong with it...but 200 in succession is a bit useless.

    More to the point, however, there are some people who stick all personal details on Facebook from full address to full job details (and the one before as well), mobile phone number and home number, etc.

    Not very wise, in my opinion.