Tuesday 2 February 2010

Charlie Brooker - Newswipe

At the weekend a friend of mine suggested that I watch Newswipe, the BBC4 programme presented by Charlie Brooker. The way my friend described it, it sounded like a satirical review on the news media. I like reading Brooker's columns in the Guardian, so I decided to watch an episode on the BBC's iPlayer.

I have to say this programme is brilliant! Anyone with an interest in how the media produces and reports the news should have a look at this show. I've downloaded a clip from last week's episode which I thought was hilarious!

If you want to know how to produce a standard news item look at this clip, it ticks every box!

Watching this clip it makes you realise how formulaic and cliched a lot news reports really are. If you took away the sarcastic commentary, and pressed the mute button you'd probably think it was a genuine news report.

Finally, I loved the irony of the bloke from the vox pop interview, saying he's not interested in the opinions of some punter! Brilliant!

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