Monday 8 March 2010

Introducing Jonathan Jeremiah

Every so often you hear a record by someone, and you think to yourself, 'who is this person, I need to go out buy this record straight away'. This is what I thought when I first heard this track called Happiness by Jonathan Jeremiah.

Back in the day, I'd traipse endlessly around record shops trying to track a record like this down. Nowadays it's all about finding that elusive record or artist on YouTube or iTunes. For me it will never quite be the same!

I first came across Jonathan Jeremiah on Giles Peterson's Radio 1 show. Listening to a session of some of his songs, they sounded like a mix of soul, jazz,and folk all rolled into one.

I immediately imagined he'd be American, probably from New York, or one of the Southern states of America. It turns out I was completely wrong, and he's infact he's from the slightly less soulful surroundings of Dollis Hill, West London!

Neither does he look like a soul/jazz/folk kind of guy (whatever they look like) It doesn't matter, I love this track, and hope an album will be coming out soon, later this year.

1 comment:

  1. This song's alright! It's crying out for a remix though - I can hear it already.