Wednesday 8 September 2010

Change of blog title

For those of you who are regulars on here (I'm hoping there's a few of you) I've decided to change the title of my blog.

It's now going to be known as 'Newspotting' and not 'A blog with me Rodney D'. I've decided to make this change as I think the title is a better reflection of what I think the blog is all about.

When I first started blogging I wanted to include my name in the title as I thought this would be a better way of promoting myself and my blog.

What I've found with blogging is that your blog and writing is always developing and evolving. I recently had a redesign and this included my own personalised domain name of:

Having my own personalised website address means that my name is out there being promoted and people will know who I am. Because of this, I think it's now a good time to change the title to something more appropriate.

I'm always on the look out for interesting news stories to discuss and talk about with people, so I think the title of 'Newspotting' reflects this.

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