Wednesday 22 September 2010

How many shoes do you have?

I think this is a question for the men out there, rather than the ladies.

I was reading today that Michael Bloomberg, the mayor of New York and a man with a personal fortune of £11.2 billion only has two pairs of shoes for work!

I'm used to meeting girls who seem to have a different pair of shoes for everyday of the month, but how many should a man have?

For me, two pairs for work is too old skool; it's an outdated mindset for men to have these days.

I reckon a man needs at least four pairs for work!

I don't think four is too many. If you're wondering how I decided on the number four - I'll explain my thought process.

You need a very smart pair for special occasions, I'm thinking things like interviews and weddings for example.

You then need some casual work shoes for comfort, which say 'I'm still wearing shoes, but not making an effort today.'

You then need two pairs in the middle, not too smart not too casual. Maybe a black and brown pair, just to mix things up. I don't think this is unreasonable.

I have 6 pairs of what I'd describe as proper shoes, four of which I wear regularly for work. If you then add trainers to the list I have about 12 pairs of shoes.

I've had this conversation before with other lads in the past, and it seems I might not be you typical bloke when it comes to numbers.

I don't care, I like to have options when it comes to my footwear. I don't get the idea of having only two pairs which you wear into the ground, and the heals are at an angle because you can't be bothered to re-heal them. Do these people have no shame?

Having a good selection of shoes mean they last longer as you don't wear each pair that often. I never wear a pair of shoes more than twice in one week. It's the way forward.

Four's the magic shoe number for me, what's yours?


  1. I have to say, I am the kind of guy that would wear a shoe into the ground until they are at an angle. But that's just because a.) I don't really care, especially if it's only for work and I’m not meeting new clients and I’m stuck in the office all the time and b.) I have loads of other pair of shoes which are for more important occasions than work. If I spent my time choosing which pair to wear and trying to match them with my clothes, I would either be very late for work or miss work altogether.

    So like yourself, I think the new age man has to be decent enough to own more than two pairs of shoes. It is the way forward and I think the ladies demand it. One woman once said to me that you can tell a lot about a man by the shoes he wears. Apparently, this is a commonly held view amongst the much loved opposite sex.

    I have to say that I have about 10 trainers, (plimsolls included in that number) and four smart shoes and my 1 everyday work shoes which are now at an angel. However with this commonly held view amongst women in mind, and having now thought more thoroughly about this, I shall no be throwing away my angled shoes and purchasing a fresh pair ready for next week.


  2. Great commments K

    Shoes tell you so much about a person's sense of style. I don't understand how some men don't realise this.

    I always like to see a girl in decent pair of shoes, so I think it works both ways for men and women.

  3. I had to laugh at this blog Dennis! I usually buy shoes for work or going out shoes/boots then they get relegated i.e. for work. The trick is to buy shoes, or even clothes that can be mixed and matched. I like your politically correct ' heal at an angle'. In school we used to call this 'lean up'! and it wasn't good if your heals were 'lean up'. I have a few pairs of shoes that are strictly for going out now. There is a line to be drawn.

  4. I remember the term 'lean up'. I did think about using it, but wasn't sure if people would know what it meant.