Sunday 10 April 2011

Is this the end of the phone hacking story?

In today's News of the World there was an apology on page 2 over the paper's actions in the phone hacking scandal.

The paper's owners News International had already made their own public apology on Friday expressing their 'genuine regret' over the incident. I couldn't help thinking that this must be the most humiliating thing that's happened to Rupert Murdoch and News International in recent years.

Reading today's Sunday Times (another paper owned by News International) it was ironic there was no mention on the scandal whatsoever.

So is this the end of the story? There's still the matter of the paper paying out compensation to individuals affected, but I want to know what this apology means for the future of the tabloid journalism particularly at the NotW. Are we going to see a drastic change in the way some tabloid journalists operate?

At the moment I can't seem to find reports asking these questions.

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