Thursday 22 September 2011

I almost saw the President

Last night I met some friends outside Grand Central Station in Mid Manhattan. We soon realised that the main road of 42nd St which runs outside the station had been closed off to traffic.

Here comes the President

President Obama's been in New York this week attending the United Nations General Assembly meeting.

There were a number of police officers on the street, making sure members of the public didn't break through the barriers onto the road.

Nobody really knew what was going on, but something big was happening. Seeing how Obama was in town it was easy to put two and two together.

Eventually we could see police sirens in the distance, a group of motor cycles passed, closely followed by a couple of Limousines.

I'm assuming Obama was in one of the limos, although they passed so quickly you couldn't tell who was inside. After the limos passed there was more police and a couple a black vans that looked like secret service vehicles.

It was all very exciting to think that I was only a few yards away from the leader of the free world!

It's unlikely I'll ever be that close to the President of the United States ever again!

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