Tuesday 1 September 2009

Is this really the end of Oasis?

After years of constant fighting, squabbling and falling out, Noel Gallagher announced at the weekend that he is leaving Oasis. He was quoted as saying he was leaving because of:
"intolerable violent, and verbal intimidation towards me, my family, friends, and comrades"
It sounds like he's been bullied out of his own band. Noel Gallagher is the creative driving force in the band, in fact the only creative force in the band. If he's no longer in Oasis then surely that's the end of them?

Even though we've grown used to Noel and Liam constantly fighting and falling out, this does seem to be quite final, but what I want to know is where do both of them go from here if this really is the end of their band?

First and foremost I might as well make my position known on Oasis. I'm not going to pretend to be a huge fan as I'm not. They've done nothing that's interested me since 1997. Not that that's a problem.

The first two albums they released, Definitely Maybe and What's the Story...defined and continue to define Oasis. They set up the template of the Oasis sound. Sometimes though I think these albums became a musical straight jacket for them.

They've never deviated from that template, but then they've never needed to as they have such a huge and loyal fan base who are happy for them to stick rigidly to this template. I get the impression that going to an Oasis concert is never about hearing any of the new material but all about hearing the classics.

Without both Noel and Liam there is no Oasis. Liam's songwriting skills have never matched his brother's so I can't really see him carrying on unless he continues the band as some kind of 'heritage' act happy to play all the old anthems. There's nothing wrong with this. The Rolling Stones have done it for years!

As for Noel this might be a whole new opportunity for him. He could try a completely new project, free from his brother and all the baggage that comes with being in Oasis. It could be an exciting new chapter in his song writing career.

Whatever the brothers decide to do next I just wonder whether their fans would allow or except them doing something different and going down another musical route?

Although their split seems permanent in wouldn't surprise me if at some point in the future they do get back together. There's such a big demand for hearing them play live and hearing their classic sing along anthems like Wonderwall and Don't Look Back In Anger.

There's too big a market for old bands these days to resist the temptation of not getting back together. Earlier this year The Specials reformed to begin touring live despite the fact that many of them had barely spoken to each other for the last 20 years; but the public demand is there. There will always be a demand for Oasis so don't be surprised when they announce a reunion tour sometime in the near future.

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