Sunday 20 September 2009

Jordan takes celebrity culture to a new low!

If the most depressing aspect of this year's summer has been the rubbish weather and the heatwave that never quite happened, then the second has to be the relentless never ending media coverage of Jordan and Peter Andre's break up.

I know there's been days when there hasn't really been much news to cover, but this has been a joke! The whole sorry episode sank to a new low this week, following Jordan's revelations that she'd previously been raped by a well known celebrity!

What I find slightly distasteful is the way that she's almost trivialising the serious crime of rape to such an extent that it becomes just another opportunity for generating more publicity and selling newspapers! I can't see that it sends out any sort of positive message to anyone.

You can't come out and claim you've been raped by some 'celebrity' and then not reveal who it is. What if this person, if they really did commit this crime is capable of doing the same thing again? They're free to possibly do something similar, but this fact doesn't seem to have occurred to Jordan at any point!

Celebrity culture seems to be evolving to such an extent that people like her are quite happy to play out every little detail of their lives in the public arena. It doesn't matter what events have happened in a person's life, no matter how good, bad or unsavory, it's all just potential material for more media coverage and column inches in newspapers and magazines.

It's almost as if their lives are just a vehicle for generating more publicity. Without this attention, their life has no meaning! Someone should mention this to Kerry Katona! Possibly the most pointless celebrity around at the moment!

I like following a bit of celebrity gossip, I'm quite happy to admit that, I find out a lot of stuff from the celeb website Popbitch. For anyone who isn't familiar with Popbitch I would definitely recommend it. They know their stuff, and it's always very funny and entertaining!

This week they were talking about Jordan, and mentioned that it's a bit of a coincidence that this rape claim was made in the same week that Andre's new album entered the charts at the surprisingly high position of No.2! Therefore overshadowing his attempts at getting his pop career back on track?

As one of my best friends likes to constantly remind me; everything is PR.

There was a time when I didn't really mind Jordan, I can't say I had anything against her, but she's going down in my estimations. From what I can tell, she's the one coming out worst in the media war against Peter Andre.

In today's News of the World magazine there was another PR fightback feature in which she was being interviewed. In it she mentions how Andre is always being pictured in the papers with the kids, which implies he's the one being made out to look like the good guy. Apparently this is a game she claims she doesn't want to play! I thought to myself 'Whatever!'

Instead, she'll claim that she was raped but doesn't report it, then refuses to reveal who it is to the media and more importantly to the police despite their requests.

She might not be playing her ex-husband's game, but she's still playing a PR game in which her actions are becoming more depressing to follow.


  1. Hey good article! Jordan for me too has overstepped the boundary and deserves all the punishment she gets.

  2. "The whole media coverage has just become ridiculous now and It’s as though we are being forced to either be team Pete or Team Price – it’s so obvious what the media are doing and it’s clear who’s winning – I watched Peter Andre on Jonathan Ross last week and it took the audience ages to calm down clapping! At first I was interested but I’m just bored now of it now but I still watch her reality show though lol.