Sunday 25 October 2009

Question Time - Some After Thoughts

Having had a few days to reflect on BNP leader Nick Griffin's appearance on Question Time. I've come to the conclusion that although the BBC were right in inviting him on, overall it was also a missed opportunity. Instead of a proper political debate, too much of the show descended into a Jeremy Kyle style slanging match, which when you look back inadvertently made Griffin look like a bullied victim. Last Thursday's show could and maybe should have been so much better!

I mentioned in my previous post that it would have been better and more interesting if the show had stuck to its normal format, whereby a number of different topics are discussed. There was too much focus on Nick Griffin and the BNP.

I've got to the stage now where I don't necessary want to hear about how terrible and disgusting the BNP's views are. I know this already! To be told the BNP is a racist extremist party is like someone telling me the world is round, or that two and two makes four. The debate needs to be moved on.

I want to hear about the BNP's policies on the economy, on education, public services, crime, and of course immigration. In particular I want a debate, whereby the mainstream parties can argue and highlight why the BNP's policies are totally inadequate and unworkable for this country.

Another point about the mainstream parties is that by constantly telling us what we already know about BNP, it lets people forget about their own failures in tackling the issues that have made some people vote for the BNP.

On last Thursday's show it was quite telling that none of the representatives from the three main political parties seemed to have a coherent policy on immigration.

It'll be interesting to see whether Nick Griffin will be invited to appear on Question Time again, but if he does, here's the type of programme I'd like to see.

1. Have the show recorded outside of London - say somewhere like Stoke-on-Trent, Wolverhampton, or maybe one of the big provincial cities like Birmingham or Manchester. Not everything about London life is truly representative of the rest of the country, this was the case with last week's audience. It was a little bit too London at times!

2. Have a normal Question Time format - Lets have the usual discussion on various topics and not just focusing on Griffin and the BNP.

3. Have more BNP supporters in the audience - What! I hear some people say. As controversial as this may sound it would be good for a proper balanced debate. BNP members can put questions to mainstream politicians and perhaps we can further understand the issues which are causing people to vote BNP.

4. More debate and less ganging up on Griffin - As I said previously, at times Griffin was made to look like a playground victim of bullying. Let him express his views and let people see for themselves how ridiculous and stupid they are. Lets not make him look like a martyr for the Far Right!

If anyone has any other views on this, then do leave a comment.

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  1. Excelelnt article. For once i agree with every single item you've written.