Monday 10 May 2010

Fight on Sky News! Boulton v Campbell

If you haven't seen this interview, this is funny!

Sky News presenter Adam Boulton almost coming to blows with Labour's Alastair Campbell!

What is going on at Sky News? They're getting very aggressive these days! Last Saturday there was Kay Burley's interview with David Babbs from 38 Degrees, and now we have Adam Boulton losing it professionally.

I have to admit I've admired Alastair Campbell's belligerence towards the media in the past; particularly towards the right wing press, but he was asking for a slap here!

I can't believe Boulton's reaction though. As funny as it is to watch, his journalistic professionalism went completely out the window. As a reporter you can't lose it like that on national television!

Apparently the media regulator Ofcom received hundreds of complaints against Boulton's conduct. I'm not surprised.

There must be some history between these two. You could sense a bit of simmering tension that hilariously came to the boil.

I love this election!

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