Tuesday 18 May 2010

Have you seen the elephant parade?

For those of you living in London, you may have noticed a number of highly decorated elephant sculptures dotted around the city.

I pass a couple of them on my journey to work as I walk across London Bridge, down to South London.

They're part of a public art/charity appeal aimed at raising awareness of the plight of Asian elephants. There's meant to be 250 of them in London, but I've only managed to spot three so far!

Keep your eyes open for them!

I like a bit of public art, and they've raised the awareness of the Indian elephant. I hadn't realised that there numbers had been decreasing so rapidly.

The Elephants have been painted and decorated by artists and celebrities. You've got until July to catch a glimpse of them, as they're due to be auctioned off at Sotherby's.

Here's some more elephants I later discovered!

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