Tuesday 30 November 2010

El Clasico: Barcelona 5 Real Madrid 0

Last night I decided to brave the harsh wintry conditions and headed down to my local pub to watch El Clasico: Barcelona v Real Madrid.

The biggest club game in world football? Without question. It's more than a football match.

It's a battle between two cities, on a footballing, political, cultural and economic level.

You could probably throw in some other rivalries, but whatever it is, Barcelona and Madrid never want to play second fiddle to each other.

This match was billed as the greatest El Clasico ever. It didn't disappoint (unless you're a Real fan)

Barca's performance was one of the greatest displays I think I've seen from a football team. They didn't just beat Madrid, they humiliated them.

In recent years like a lot of people, I've considered Spain's La Liga to be the best league in the World.

It's still as high standard, but really it's now become a more glamorous version of Scottish Premier League. A league totally dominated by two clubs with the rest incapable of ever challenging.

It's a shame, as in the past I've quite enjoyed watching the likes of Valencia, Villarreal, and Sevilla challenge the dominance of Barca and Real.

One of the reasons why last night's game was so huge is that both Barcelona and Madrid rarely lose games against any other teams. It means that their two head to heads are potential title deciders.

If we learned anything last night, then it's La Liga isn't a 2 horse race, but more like Barca are in a League of their own, with Real by themselves in second, and then a long way back is everyone else.

We're only half way through the season, but it's going to take someone special for Madrid to come back from this. They were eclipsed in every way.

Jose Mourinho suffered his worst defeat as a coach, Lionel Messi again upstaged Cristiano Ronaldo, and Madrid barely managed to touch the ball to even trouble Barcelona.

Overall it was just an incredible performance, can't wait for the return match at the Bernabeu next year.

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