Friday 5 November 2010

Sports round up Stateside

I love watching my sport stateside. You have so many options to chose from.

At the moment you've got the end of the baseball season, with the World Series. The American football season is well underway, and the basketball season has just started.

Here are the big headlines from this week.

  • San Francisco Giants win baseball's World Series beating the Texas Rangers 3-1 in game five to clinch the series 4-1.

  • It was the Giants first win since 1954 when they were still based in New York and their first since moving to San Francisco.

  • Randy Moss leaves the Minnesota Vikings only weeks after joining them from the New England Patriots.

  • After endless speculation about which team would pick him up, the wide receiver eventually signed for the Tennessee Titans. That's 3 teams for Randy in less than a month!

    Randy Who? I hear you ask! This story has been massive. Remember the Wayne Rooney will he/won't he leave Man Utd saga? Well this story has been as big if not bigger than that!

  • In basketball, Boston Celtics Kevin Garnett called Charlie Villanueva of the Detroit Pistons a 'cancer patient' during the game between the two teams on Tuesday night.

  • Villanueva revealed this in one of his tweets on Twitter. Again this story was huge!

    Giants win World Series

    I watched game five of the World Series on Tuesday night in my hotel room. It was the first time I've ever watched a baseball game from start to finish.

    I love my basketball, and American football, but I've always struggled to get baseball, but I thought I'd try and make an effort.

    It was a low scoring game, with the first points not being scored until the 7th innings.

    For those of you who know nothing about baseball, (I'm no expert myself) there are 9 innings, so the 7th is quite late on for the first score to be made.

    Edgar Renteria hit what turned out to be the winning home run. Interestingly enough it was the second time in his career that he'd done this in a World Series. The first time was in 1997 playing for the Florida Marlins.

    What really struck was just how hard it is for anyone to hit the ball in baseball. Just getting your bat to the ball is an achievement.

    In my limited knowledge of the game it looked liked it was the Giants pitching that proved decisive with Giants starting pitcher Tim Lincecum leading the way(Lincecum, such an American name).

    After watching this game, I might try and start following baseball a bit more next year.

    Randy Moss leaves the Vikings

    If I didn't know who Randy Moss was last week, I certainly do now. Every sports bulletin has lead with the story of the Vikings releasing him, only weeks after signing him from the New England Patriots.

    Moss was traded to the Vikings from New England on 6 October, but things obviously haven't worked out for him in Minnesota.

    I heard reports that Moss had a rant at the Vikings Catering staff recently which embarrassed the club and many of his teammates.

    It seems Moss has a few 'issues' at the moment, so we'll have to see if the Titans are going to be the right fit for him.

    Kevin Garnett

    Apparently Kevin Garnett has a reputation for winding opponents up on the basketball court.

    This week Charlie Villaneuva was on the receiving end. Villaneuva suffers from alopecia, so he's got no hair on his head, hence the alleged Cancer patient comment.

    To me I don't know why Villaneuva is making this public. Ok it's not a nice thing to say, but it's one of those 'what goes on on court stays on court' situations.

    It's the same with football, and what's said on the pitch. It's the nature of sport. In this country we call it 'verbals' in the US it's trash talk.

    Anyway, after this controversy Garnett issued a statement where he didn't apologise but which basically said Villaneuava was a cancer to his team, and that's what he meant by the comment.

    There's my glimpse of the sporting headlines stateside for this week, hope you enjoyed it.

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