Wednesday 8 December 2010

England take control of Ashes series

Great to see England win the Second Ashes Test in Adelaide on Tuesday. You can't get a more comprehensive victory than an innings and 71 runs. England now go 1-0 up in the series.

It's all looking good for England. I know there's still another three Tests to be played, but I just can't see Australia winning two of those matches to reclaim the Ashes.

I actually remember the last time England won an Ashes series in Australia back in 1986/87.

It's ridiculous to think this is probably the first time since then, that England have won in Australia when the Ashes series was still 'alive' so to speak.

Not taking anything away from England's performances so far which have been great, what this series has really shown is the decline of Australian cricket.

For the last 20 years Australia have completely dominated world cricket and we're now seeing the end of an era.

I can't remember an Australian bowling attack that's as mediocre as this one. The fact that some Australians are calling for Shane Warne to come out of retirement only shows just how bad things are.

As with all great sporting teams, there comes a point were it becomes increasingly difficult to keep replacing highly talented and successful players.

It looks like Australia are going to spend the next few years in a period of 'transition' which might be hard for Australian cricket fans to accept.

The Third Test starts in Perth next week. If England win which I can see happening, they'll retain the Ashes.

Even if they don't win, I can't see Australia bowling England out twice in any of the three remaining Tests. That's what they need to do to have any chance of winning the series.

After years of endless Ashes Test match defeats, the boot is finally on the other foot. Lets see how long England can keep it up.

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