Thursday 30 December 2010

My top 10 blog posts of 2010

As it's the last week of the year, I've decided to have a look at my most popular blogs for 2010.

According to the stats, these are the blogs which received the biggest number of page views.

There's one or two surprises, but it's interesting to see which topics have gained the most interest.

1. Is the countryside racist?

What a hot topic this was.

By far the most viewed post of 2010. I wrote this blog in response to an article in the Sunday Times magazine.

The Guardian picked up on the story a few weeks later, and I left a comment on the Guardian's website. This probably explains the high number of people who then clicked onto my blog.

2. Rugby and football - Two sports, two different worlds!

After going to Twickenham, my thoughts on the difference between going to watch football and rugby

3. Charlie Brooker - Newswipe

Charlie Brooker's brilliant Newswipe series on BBC 4

4. New Drama Series - Any Human Heart

Possibly my favourite book of all time, adapted into a great 4 part drama series.

5. City break in Boston

I spent a couple of days in Boston at the beginning of November. A nice city with a very chilled out vibe.

6. A benefits revolution

A bit of politics!

The coalition government announce plans for a change in the benefits system.

7. Student Tuition Fees - The debate nobody's talking about

Well, I had quite a few lively debates with people at work after I posted this blog. Special mention goes out to Andre who felt very passionate over the rise in tuition fees.

Said he was going to leave a comment. Hope he gets round to it.

8. New shopping centre in the City of London

I was surprised to see this post in the top ten. If you're ever in the heart of London's financial district check out One New Exchange.

9. How many shoes do you have?

Definitely one for the men out there!

Had some funny conversations with lads at work on this one.

10. Time to reform FIFA, but we have to do it from the inside

A humiliating end to England's bid for the 2018 World Cup.

England can still hold their heads up high, not sure you can say the same about FIFA.

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