Saturday 11 December 2010

My Favourite Blogs: Lens

I'm always on the look out for new and interesting blogs, and I found one last week, when I discovered a photography blog called Lens.

Lens is a The New York Times blog, with the aim of presenting visual and multimedia journalism from around the world in the form of photos and slideshows.

I was reading an article about a South African photojournalist called Joao Silva who was seriously injured last October, after stepping on a land mine in Afghanistan.

Friends of the photographer have set up a website to help raise funds to aid his recovery, Silva lost both his legs in the explosion. The website was launched last month and is offering Silva's work for sale as digital prints. So far the fund has raised over $10,000.

Silva was injured working for the New York Times covering the war in Afghanistan. The article I was reading had a link to the NY Times website, which had a slideshow on its Lens blog of the photos Silva had taken just before he was injured.

Click here to view photos on the memory card of Silva's camera before he stepped on the landmine.

Looking at the photos it got me thinking about the importance of pictures in the reporting of news stories.

After looking at Silva's Afghanistan photos I decided to subscribe to the Lens blog on my RSS feed.

Everyday, I get updates on the latest slideshow photos from around the world. It's good to see what's going on in different countries, but in the form of photos rather than in news reports on television or in newspapers.

Click on the links to have a look at some of my favourite slideshows from the last few weeks on the Lens blog.

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