Thursday 22 July 2010

Currently listening to...New album by Drake

I brought the new album this week by Canadian Hip Hop star Drake.

Find Your Love - video

When I think of Canadian Hip Hop it brings back painful memories of the white rapper Snow and his only hit ‘Informer!’ Thankfully Drake is showing Canada does have something more to offer Hip Hop wise.
I first came across Drake last year, when I heard a Drum and Bass remix of his biggest track to date, ‘Best you ever had’. He released a mini album last year called ‘So Far Gone’ but this year’s release entitled ‘Thank me Later’ is what you’d call his proper debut.

He’s managed to enlist an impressive number of guest artists that include, Alicia Keys, Jay Z, Lil Wayne amongst others all making an appearance.

He reminds me a lot of Eminem mixed in with a bit Kanye West. Just shows how big their influence on the Hip Hop game has become in recent years.

He’s got that same lyrical style as Eminem full of self-analysis and personal introspection.

Anyway, have a listen to this track ‘Find Your Love’ which is one of my favourites off the album – cool video as well.

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