Friday 9 July 2010

World Cup Octopus

Is Paul the Octopus the real star of this year's World Cup?

This story continues to amuse me - the psychic octopus who has picked the winner in each of Germany's World Cup games in South Africa. This even including the surprise defeat against Serbia in the group stage.

World Cup's have always made household names out of previous unknowns. This year appears to be no different.

Whereas big names like Rooney, Ronaldo, Drogba and Messi have all failed to live up to pre tournament hype and expectations, Paul the Octopus has increased his reputation with each correct prediction!

Today he's come out and predicted a Spanish victory in this Sunday's World Cup final. A wise choice I think. Perhaps he's become a big fan of Spain's 'Tiki Taka' style of play.
With the World Cup almost over, it got me thinking about what the future may hold for him after Sunday's final.

Perhaps politicians will look to him to make predictions on election results. City bankers looking for financial advice on which way the world's markets and economies will turn. The possibilities for Paul seem endless.

It's as if he has the whole world at his feet...I mean tentacles!

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