Sunday 18 July 2010

Robbie rejoins Take That

So it's finally happened, Robbie Williams has rejoined Take That. They're currently recording a new album which is set for release in November this year.

I'd heard rumours Robbie was recording tracks with the band months ago on Popbitch. I can't say that I'm surprised. The right moment has finally arrived for them to get back together, but I think Robbie needs Take That more than Take That need him.
Ever since Robbie left Take That I've always found their story fascinating. I still remember back in 1995 hearing that Robbie Williams had left Take That.

I was inter-railing around Europe at the time and was a bit cut off from what was happening in the UK. I think some Italians lads told me Robbie had left the band, it was a major shock!

You couldn't really see Take That continuing for much longer and not surprisingly the remaining four eventually split in 1996.

Towards the end of the 90s the Take That story seemed to be one of the charismatic bad boy Williams embarking on an ever increasingly successful solo career, vindicating his decision to ditch the goody goody boy band image once and for all.

On the other side of the story you had the song writing talent of Gary Barlow. There he was trying to make it as a solo artist, but failing miserably.

He was clearly eclipsed by Williams, before suffering the ultimate pop humiliation of being dumped by his record label. The remaining band members disappeared into pop obscurity.

During his solo peak, I never really got Robbie Williams. I didn't get the whole cheeky chappie persona that proved so popular with people. I also thought there was a certain smugness and arrogance about him, with regards to his success over the rest of the band.

It was quite ironic how the four remaining members of the band decided to reform just at the point where Williams career seemed to be in decline not helped by his drink and drugs problems.

The thing about Take That, is that there's always been a lot of affection for them in this country. I think people were really pleased to see them make a successful comeback as a grown up 'man band' having lived in Williams shadow for so many years.

Howard, Gary, Jason, and Mark had rarely come out in public to criticse their former band member Robbie and I think they conducted themselves well, certainly better then Williams ever did.

Over the last few years as they've re-ermerged as a pop force again. I don't think anyone has really begrudged their success. They also showed everyone that they didn't really need Robbie after all. I have to say I was pleased for them as well.

Take That don't need Robbie but it makes things complete with him re-joining the band. It's like there's been a resolution to the story after 15 years. With his career seemingly going nowhere at the moment, it makes perfect sense for him to re-join.

It's what the pop public want to see, and I think it will be good for Williams himself. I'm looking forward to hearing what the new album will sound like.

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