Saturday 4 August 2012

London 2012: I'm not interested in 'proper' news

Since the Olympic Games began last week I've been living my life in an Olympic bubble. My life is the Olympics at the moment and I love every minute of it!

Ok I still have to go to work, but even then I spend my working day listening to Radio 5 commentary - keeping up to date with everything Team GB

I get home and spend the evening watching the Olympics. How I love the BBC's Red button. There's nothing you can't watch.

If I want to spend the evening watching badminton I can do that, basketball, volleyball it doesn't matter, you can watch anything you want.

The only problem is that the real world tries to butt in on the action. I'm just not interested in proper news.

House of Lords reform? Whatever! Greedy bankers? Boring. The conflict in Syria? When the Assad regime's about to collapse let us know - until then lets get back to the Handball.

At brief moments I've felt guilty, the Olympics is only sport - there's other stuff going on in the world.

But at the moment sport has never played such an important and significant role in my life or that of the country.

There's more drama, more conflict, more emotion taking place in the Olympics than anything that's happening in the real world. I know this can't last forever but I'm savouring every minute of it.

What the hell am I going to do when the Olympics ends?

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