Wednesday 8 August 2012

London 2012: The People's Games

With only another week of the Olympics left, I have to say I've loved every minute of it. It's everything I expected and more.

On Saturday evening my highlight was seeing Mo Farah coming round the bend into the home straight to win the 10,000m. All you could see were fans jumping up and down and Union Jack flags being waved in support. It was emotional to watch.

That moment reminded me why these games have been so special so far. It's the passion and enthusiasm of the British public.

Watching the cycling over the first weekend, the streets of South London and Surrey were packed with fans cheering the riders on. It's been the same at the Aquatics centre and most venues.

Yes there has been some empty seats, but that's another story and one that can't be blamed on a lack of interest.

The only other Olympics I can remember where the host nation has shown so much enthusiasm was Sydney in 2000, but I think we've bettered that.

It's not just the passion for the sport that's been impressive. There's a feeling of pride in London holding the Games, we're doing a good job and enjoying the whole experience.

This is a very British Olympics and people feel proud and patriotic, but without any hint of guilt or unease. It's been inspiring to see.

It makes me smile when you look back to the years leading up to the Games. All those people who were a little indifferent, who thought it was a waste of money or that London wouldn't be able to cope.

It's the equivalent of being invited to a party that you're don't feel like going to, but once you get there you suddenly realise you're having a great time. You can't believe you thought you wouldn't enjoy it!

That sums up the public's reaction to the Games. Now that it's here we can't get enough of it.

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